If your project is an invoiceable one, you'll want to set hourly rates so you can follow-up how much budget you are using up. 

Click on the detail-icon on the left of a project in the Projects tab. The first page that opens (Basic) has the following on the right side:

As you can see, there are two ways to set hourly rates:

  • Rates per collaborator
    This means you'll invoice the work based on who did it. Choose this option and then continue to the 'Collaborators' tab within the Project details to set their individual rates. 
  • Rates per project and activity
    This means you have one general hourly rate, and then for each Activity defined within this project, you can overwrite it (via the Activity tab). So the work will be valued based on its selected Activity, rather than who did the work. 


Just click the timesheet-icon on the left of a Project in the overview, and you'll see the calculated amounts on each subtotal. This also works from the Reports page.

Note that in an organization, only Project Managers and the Administrator can see the rates and the calculations with them. Collaborators and Freelancers will only see their time totals.

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