FunkyTime has an integration with the Yuki account software. If activated, your invoices will automatically be created in Yuki as well, and payment status will return to FunkyTime. 

Make sure that the Invoicing Module is activated in Yuki, otherwise the connection will not work. You may need to ask your accountant to activate it.

Watch this video to see how it all works!

  • 0:17   Complete the invoicing settings under your Account or Organization page
  • 1:35   Create an API key inside Yuki
  • 2:22  Complete the settings for your Client
  • 2:55  Create an invoice
  • 5:08  Send the invoice
  • 5:53  Invoice overview and payment status 
  • 6:28  Viewing those same invoices inside Yuki
  • 7:00  End 

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