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Tracking expenses is easy in FunkyTime. But what if your expense is in a different currency? In the end, you'll want all your expenses saved in your default currency so that you can sum their values. But at the instant of paying the expense, you may not yet know what its value will be. You don't want to have to wait until you can see it appear on your credit card statement, because then you may forget about it.

So here's how you can save it in FunkyTime sooner, by saving it in the original currency, and having FunkyTime automatically store a second value in your default currency as well.

It's quite simple:

  • On the web app, first select your Premium project. This enables the advanced expense features.
  • Then in the expense amount field, just type the amount and then the currency code. This will trigger the conversion to your default currency, and both values will be saved with your expense.

Check the video to see this in action! 

(Pressed for time? Then jump to 1:24 in the video.)

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